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What a nice day it is today! It is really a nice day today.

a nice day

1.Everyday is a beautiful day. 2.Each day is a fantastic day. 每天:everyday,each day 注意:everyday :(网络)每天,每一天 例句:1.No matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life...

What a lovely day! Amazing day. 供参考。

Sir, I wish you a good day. 不能有have, 当然Have a good day 也是可以的,sir放到后面显得更加本土化一点,I wish you a good day, sir

中文:美好的一天。 英文翻译: One Fine Day. It's A Beautiful Day. A Good Day. 造句: If I have a good day, I will be proud of myself. 如果我有一个美好的一天,我将为自己自豪。 For the ending, I use something like: “I hope you ha...

你好! 噢,这真是美好的一天啊! Oh, this is really a nice day!

又是美好的一天 It's a beautiful day 又是美好的一天 It's a beautiful day

多美好的一天啊! What a beautiful day !也可以翻译成:What a wonderful day! 英语拼写很多情况下与读音不相吻合——多个字母或字母组合发同一个音,同一个字母组合可以发多个音。 如字母A可以发多达八个音;TH组合发三个音如其中Thailand、Thy...

have a good day

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