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用set这个单词造句.be set to do 准备做某事,说明还没去做,相当于打算/计划去做的事情 the work is set to be finished before friday.这个

set加介词组成的所有短语 并造句,I have to go,Help them set up for tonight at the school.我得走了,帮他们安排一下.set down 记下 登记 放下 Friday

sb of sth 2.remind sb of sth3.set off for 4.It1.she want to drown her shyness by smiling(她以笑容来掩饰她的羞涩) 2.This picture

set the tone for造句?Opening remarks are important since they set the tone for the rest of the interview.

set 造句set up造句set up造句set up造句set up造句 用set down造句 用set off造句 UP的造句 英语-请用set

about、set off各是什么意思,你能为我造句子吗If you want to catch that train we'd better set off for the station immediately.你要是想赶上那班火车,咱们就最好马上

set加介词组成的所有短语 并造句,急急急急急急急急急急set up建立;安排 I have to go,Help them set up for tonight at the school.我得走了,帮他们安排一下。set down 记下

英语造句,谢谢了!set off: Everything was ready and he set off for Europe.一切就绪,他开始欧洲之旅。set up: He was so delighted to

set加名词的短语及其造句短语:set meal、set switch、set the table 三个词分别造句:1、Finally, he found his chef friend and once again tasted

用a set for造句不少于十五个单词It’s much easier for drivers to select content via knobs than a set of buttons. 对于驾驶员来

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