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BE FriEnDly to造句

用be friendly to造句,造5个,4个简单句,1个复杂句!!_百度1 He's not very friendly to newcomers.他对新来的人不太友善。2 The people there are very friendly to us.那儿的人们对

be friendly to sb造句we should be friendly to foreigners

用be friendly to 造句。在线等。谢谢!快一点。we should be friendly to all our familymate!

用下列英语单词造句(谢谢!)1 Our teachers are friendly to us.我们的老师对我们很友好.2 I am afraid of tigers.我怕老虎.3 I want to go home.我

be friendly to ,learnprom,andso on,造句怎么写1.My deskmate is always friendly to me.2.We should learn much from the person who is often helpful.3. I have many

有be friend to 这个短语么?如有,和 be friendly tobe friendly to sb 是对某人友善、友好be friendly with sb 是和某人相处得好be friend

be friendly to与 be friendly with的区别be friendly with 是指和某人相处得好,所指的对象是两个人共同的;而be friendly to 是对某人友善、友好,指的是单方面的。to

be friendly to sb造句2 The people there are very friendly to us.那儿的人们对我们很友好.3 I have some good friends,.They are friendly to me.我有一些

用be friendly to 造句.用 be friendly to 和 learnI am friendly to you.I hope I can learn English from you .

用be friendly to sb 造3句话,1.Our neighbours have always been very friendly to us 2.Mr Smith is friendly to me,

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