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BE mADE oF中文

be made of;be made from;be made in的中文be made of是“由。。。制成”,of后面跟可以看到的原材料。如:the desk is made of made from 表示“由。。。制

be made up of什么意思,其的用法怎么用?1、be made of 表示"由…制成", 一般指能够看出原材料,或制作过程中发生的是物理变化。2、be mad

be made of什么意思?回答:由什么制作而成,be made of后面跟所用的材料 knife is made of steel

be made up of什么意思,其的用法? - Jessica Xue 的1、be made of 表示"由…制成", 一般指能够看出原材料,或制作过程中发生的是物理变化。 Chair is made of wood. 椅子是木头做的。 Th

怎么区分be made of与be made from-百度经验1 Be made of和be made from都表示“由制成”。2 主语为制成物,be made of表示制成成品后

be made up of 和 be made of 意思上的区别be made up of由…构成、一般是多种构成.如:Water was made up of oxygen and hydrogen.

be made of的意思?回答:由什么组成 be made of 是可以看出原材料的, 例:The sweater was made of woollen. 毛衣是羊毛作的(可以看出的) 若有疑

be made of /from/in分别表示什么意思be made of与be made from的区别 be made of表示制成成品后,仍可看出原材料是什么:The

be made of有由组成的意思吗是的.be made of 是可以看出原材料的,例:The sweater was made of woollen.毛衣是羊毛作的(可以看出 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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