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想问一下有关银行方面的英语,因为要给国外银行英语口语 银行英语口语-新开帐户 What kind of account did you have in your mind? 你想开哪种帐户? Do you

高难度翻译啊,哪位高手能翻译其中一条都可以的Settlement : to be accountable for every dollar and the RMB clearing B (including export tax rebates).no longer

[BUG] Dollar ETH conversions don't match-开源项目It must have sent twice I think. (You can send yourself as much as you want.)If you

银行柜面英语。中译英。1. If it is current deposit, you can always deal with different procedures. 2. Please put your name, address

帮忙把这篇新闻翻译成英文(不要机器翻译)境外资金大量流入Its daily benchmark, or the central parity rate for the US dollar, was 7。9087 yuan on Friday

博世GLM150激光测距仪 有鉴定书 正品 价格可商谈_百度知Third China successfully lowered the curtain on solar technology recently ,Ralph Lauren hundred million dollar injection of,

投资合作协议怎么翻译reach as follows to invest an intention through a friendly consultation: Both parties' the party concerned of the

翻译成英语Brand-new PIMEX (roasts beautiful gentleman) the food special-purpose pure paper pulp, does not gather the

翻译。高分。。!还有追加!!!The most common usage of English word-building has the following three. (1)CONVERSION is a way to convert a

是不是家园简介 Is it right? Home brief introduction_百度是不是家园,于2014年10月1日上线运营,是一个由热爱互联网并对互联网商业模式有独到见解、经验丰富的中青年团体依法举办

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