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exotic是什么意思”exotic“的意思:adj. 异国的;外来的;异国情调的 1、读音:英 [ɪˈzɒtɪk] 、美 [ɪ

请英语高手用英语翻译一篇文章 切勿机器翻译the new century music only awareness, as a kind exotic music field presence in this field, the new acoustic protectionism

香港迪士尼有什么可玩的?要详细!consummate performers, costumes and exotic scenery. This is a show that will appeal to all ages. Traveling by raft in the

请帮助翻译成英文,非常感谢!My husband was driving all the way, because I am a new driver and I'm scared to drive on a highway. While we were

电影影评英文加翻译《有一个地方只有我们知道》she wants to make the best of the exotic scenery in Prague, so here we have thetypical sunny, dreamy-coloured shots, s

说不尽的莎士比亚 译不完的莎剧英文怎么说1ofShakespeare'stragedywiththemainconflictbetweentheidealandtherealityandidealsshattered.人文主义理想和现实社Humanistidealsandthe

托福口语如何高效备考?through which I can have a glimpse of diverse cultures and enjoy exotically spectacular scenery out

民族不为人情的文风土人情含表语的英语句子,an archaeologist or a visitor to record the native culture and languages and experience the exotic scenery.In this way ,i

作家梅里美英文简介not with Stendhal, Balzac and others sharp critical edge, but he will be magnificent in the novel and exotic scenery,

关于奥运会的英语作文带翻译the sweet green exotic scenery and warm hospitality of the people around, making the olympics this term as the world's people are at

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