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his nAmE is pAnpAn

Hisnameispanpan是什么意思,怎么读?his name is pan pan,他的名字是潘潘。(音标我不会打……

请求英语高手速写一篇初一英语的短文!~很简单的!~急_百度hello every!today i`ll introduce my favorite animal to you.can you guass?yeah,it`s panda.his name is Ping`an,in


求,17篇英语小短文,10到20单词的,最好原创,不是也可以could you please feed my dog?Take him for a walk every day. Don't forget to clean his bed.

30篇英语短文.9my favourite animal is panda.Its name is Panpan.It is black and white .It has four legs .It likes eating bamboo.It

迎亚运英语诗歌lit up with joy and hope.  The lovely Panpan occupies every people’s heart.  His

the panda is panpan.She is from sichuan,1.panda2.elephant3.favourite4.picture5.China6.没有图片,不知道熊猫吃的什么 应该是竹子吧

求,17篇英语小短文,10到20单词的,最好原创,不是也可以"This Indian is incredible," said the director. He told his secretary to hire the Indian to predict the weather.However,


迎亚运英语诗歌The lovely Panpan occupies every people’s heart.His innocent eyes brings the spring time,He is singing the song Yazhou | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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