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用play with造句原句:play with 翻译: 与…一起玩 Play Joke with Me玩我;跟我开个玩笑 play dumb with装傻;装蒜 play hob with给捣乱

play with造句 10句她和她的狗一起玩

用play with造句 肯定句Wake up and come play with me.醒来吧!来跟我一起玩耍。I never play with matches.我从不玩火柴。

play with sb. 怎么造句同学,为你解答:1 Tom plays with his classmates 汤姆和他的同学们玩 2 I play with my dog

play with sth造句回答:Many children like playing with their pet dogs or cats.

play sporTs wiTh 造句简单?造句:I play sports with my friends after school every day.我每天放学都和朋友一起运动。

play with造句 10句她和她的狗一起玩

用play with造句越多越好您的问题很简单.百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题.原句:play with翻译:与…一起玩Play

play with、、、造句、写一下汉语,Don't play with water.不要玩水。Don‘t play with fire.不要玩火。

play with with sth.翻译并造句play with sb.和某人玩He is playing with his friends outside.他在外面和朋友们玩.play with sth.玩某物He is playing his new toys. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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