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sEt ABout的意思

set about意思set about 着手做, 开始做 搭配是:1. set about doing sth. we need to set about finding a solution 我们得着

set about什么意思?开始做(某事); 攻击; 抨击(某人); <非正>散布(谣言); 例:He has set about carving up the company which Hammer

【setabout什么意思?】set about的中文翻译以下结果由译典通提供词典解释1.着手,开始(做)He set about learning

set to 和 set about 的区别set to ≈get down to开始着手干某事 set to还有调到.的意思 后面是to do sth. set about开始着手;留意;考虑

set on和 set about的区别set about:开始,着手;set out:出发,动身; set out后加不定式,即set out to do sth, 而set about后加 ing形式,

set off,set about是什么意思?set off 出发动身 和set out 一样   使机器装置开动,启动set about 开始着手 同set out

set out , set about 有何区别set out 有“出发, 开始”的意思,常用短语是:set out to do,例如:She sets out to work hard! set about 表示“

set off,set about, set out 的用法和区别?1、set off出发,侧重于去某个地方 比如【set off for a place出发到某地】【set off fromto..从出发到】

set off 和set about的区别与意思set off 是出发,引起,动身的意思 eg: set off on another diplomatic trip set about 是着手,开始做某事 eg: set

set up ,set about , set down ,set out用法?set aboutset up ,set about , set down ,set out用法如下: 1、set up: 建立,创立A new government was set up after the war.新政府于战后成立。2、 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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