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translate to Englishthe community , but also is an origin of a group's competitive advantages. Good business ethics is also the key to

我将会争取。Translate to English1)如果我有那个机会,我将会争取。If I got the opportunity, I would take it.2)如果我有机会在这里工作,我将会争取。If

translate(CHINATOENGLISH)A:布朗先生,A:好吧。希望不要再被退了,我可不喜欢空头支票啊。A: Mr。 Brown, your check was not encashed

translateintoEnglish,pls1.按原过磅单的1. Computed based on the actual weight as noted on the weighing bill.2. Any objections

translate to english,how to say?thank you!_百度知不好意思改一下--- 应该是--- Translate this sentence into English please, thank you!请把这句子翻译成英文,谢谢!或 How

翻译句子 Translate into English5. In the mountains the other side of the endless prairie.6. They decided to buy a little house with a garage.

translatechineseintoenglish另外寄Additionally, money remitted to you shall be debited against your named account.

translate (Chinese to English)oh my God 是不是一整个景点的解说词都要翻成英文? 这篇有点难度 To get rid of the evil for the people, Dragon Lady

他是善解人意的--Translate to English回答:He is considerate.

英语翻译translate into English直译:The Guizhou donkey has exhausted its tricks意译:in full force at the end of one'

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